Mold Removal Services

There is no better environment for mold to grow in than a damp, dark basement or leaky attic. Chances are you have mold growing in some corner, out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, even the smallest of mold infestations can lead to the growth spreading throughout the rest of the home. You need the country’s top mold remediation from Restoration 1.

Importance of Mold Remediation

Here at Restoration 1, we offer mold remediation services to homeowners and businesses across the country. We have offices in most major cities, with mold experts on staff. Each one is trained in mold remediation, which involves clearing out a mold infestation, then sanitizing the area and preventing mold from re-growing in the property.

Causes & Risks of Mold

There are many ways in which basement mold may grow. For instance, a malfunctioning HVAC system may cause excess moisture and humidity. Or, faulty plumbing running through the basement could lead to standing water in one of those dark corners. No matter the cause, mold is never ideal anywhere in your home.

The risks of mold often include poor indoor air quality, contamination, and property damage.